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I'd actually like to talk politics of all things! And some philosophical issues about problems & "Soul-utions" us humans are facing in these changing times. Since I was completely out of the loop & in a real serious "Yoga Bubble" for 4 months, i've had alot on my mind. Guess my mind is not totally still & empty yet while doing all this Yoga & Meditation.

:: WorldShift 2012 ::
I found reading this very very interesting. its addresses all the macro-trends of ecosystem collapse, global climate change, economy forecast, population explosions, 2012 prophecy, etc...GIves us a good perspective on what we're facing right NOW in the world, and why the world really needs us to 'be the change we want to see', live green & sustainable, eat less, give more, be of service.


just be sure & click on all 3 highlited 'blue' links for "Preamble", "The Global Situation" and "The Way Forward".

And as I was losing hope after 8 years of Bush-ism, I think a positive change is finally upon America! its a miracle! If you really read this below Obama speech, you can see that there is SO MUCH HOPE in the air now! Even if half comes true!
A good time for me to move back to the ole United States of America. Just hope the
foreign affairs can drop back to the level of Switzerland or Costa Rica & get the
military doing volunteer work in foreign countries they tore apart instead!
But really...make time to read this & it will change your view on where we may be going:

Obama's speech to an Joint Session of Congress February 25, 2009


His 3 main points are to improve renewable energy/sustainablity (actually , health-care (long overdue! Canada & Europe have the right idea!), and education (unfortunately we wont radical alternaive schools like Waldorfs everywhere like if i was president!). So, after reading this i'm not feeling as 'doomist' about the US possibly having a complete economic crash & system collapse this year as some out there forecast. Time will tell. These politicians ALWAYS make big promises and he & his vice-pres. Joe Biden are only 2 human beings. They are still up against a big team of neo-conservative corporate empire tycoons that will do everything they can to prevent massive positive change that gives power back to the people. But 'change is in the air' - and anything seems possible again! Lets all hope for the best!

lets talk Thailand politics shall we? Well not much i can say really except they know how to have protests here! Things are heating up with the Thai redshirt protesters in Bangkok with 2 tanks being seized by them on April 12th (hey, my birthday, i should have been partying on those tanks with them)! Trying to oust the current prime-minister isnt easy! You can see a video of them siezing the tanks here:


some general human issues & their possible "Soul-utions" ::

I'd like to get something off my mind again. I'm real curious to see what YOU have to say about this topic as it seems of the utmost importance this era of our life on Earth. Actually, it has been this way for millenia & perhaps since the beginning. I'm talking about SECURITY. and insecurity. national security. job security. relationship security. food security. homeland security (same as national security) and on a personal/family level... home/land security (owning land/home/shelter). It seems we just cant get enough SECURITY in this life on Earth now can we? But let me ask you, what would you do if you could not have those securities? If you went to your bank & the sign said Bankrupt sorry, we're closed permanently (Argentina 2000, full economy collapsed). Or you went to the grocery stores & the food was gone from the shelves. How would you feel? Even in abundant times in our rich countries where we have been brought up with great security & comfort, is this not now possible with global economies shifting, American empire waning, etc.? What is a Soul-ution to this? I beg you to comment. My feeling is that now would be the perfect time to be 'green'. To really really live green. To get involved with gardening in your neighborhood gardens. Better yet, to move outside the metropolis & big city zones to a greener area & grow your own food. What about the full economy collapse? Well, if one has shelter & food...guess they will be just fine until things get straightened out. This is one reason I have decided to 'unplug' from the urban environments & really get into a sustainable lifestyle...finally! Thought about it for over 15 years! For me, this means moving to a tropical/hotter climate where food can grow all year round, in my case Hawaii on the isle of Maui. My buddy Mattius had been renting a deluxe Yurt (search online if you dont know) dome which was solar powered, solar water heating & totally off the grid. His front yard had avocado tree (putting out 100s every few months!), bananas, papayas & more! He didnt even need to garden with this little fruit orchard, nature did the work for alot of daily food!
For me to leave Vancouver was not easy. I have been very attached to big city life. The music scene & wonderful people i've met & loved dancing with & getting to know the past 6 years! It is like a magnet that still attracts me strongly! But not as strong as this green living dream. Maybe most of you are fine with staying in the cities...I ask you...what are your "Soul-utions" for developing greater security in these changing times?

As for the economy downslide, there is a theory that it will never be a growth based economy again. I like that idea actually. The world needs to have a sustainable economy, because this extreme capitalism where greed is not controlled, has led to this dead end road.
I read the following & have to agree:

"What then is there to do in this situation we may ask? If the economy will never start to grow again, what will emerge in its place? Many realize that what needs to happen is a transition to a sustainable economy, something that humanity has not experienced for some 5000 years. This would mean a return to a non-dualist Garden of Eden in balance with the environment at a new and higher level, a transition that many will probably find very difficult and almost incomprehensible to grasp mentally speaking. We may for instance take note of the fact that no world leader or economist is currently advocating a shift to an economy that is sustainable. So far, few have even started to consider that there will be no upturn in the economy, and when this starts to dawn on people we may in fact come to witness all kinds of actions of desperation and social unrest taking somewhat different forms in different cultures. Many hierarchical structures are likely to collapse."

Ok, Ok. So if we cant have national security, and economic security, at least we have that of relationships? Or do we!?! With the divorce rate 50% or higher in N. America, and only 1% in India. Maybe arranged marriages like in India have some kind of a "Soul-ution" as well?
I was horridly against them at first, but after seeing & hearing stories about how couples are brought together by the parents, astrologers & guided towards being a good match in many ways working, i've become kind of neutral about it. Many don't work, many do. It just seems that , in my experience, i've always longed for a long-term healthy relationship, but have settled for shorter passionate fiery relationships (afterall, i'm a fiery Aries), and my curren "Soul-ution" is
to wait, and become very at peace with myself. To patiently wait for my life partner to appear. Wait until the right strong women finally comes my way that is a good match. To keep working
on developing my strengths & dissolving my weaknesses. Being peace. I believe then relationships will be successful & not have this constant insecurity, fear of seperation, jealousy & mind games & all of that. What do you think?

Another thought...what is true security anyway? Wouldnt that be deep-inner security? Trust in the flow of Creation? If you are spiritual or religious...trust in God/Jah/Allah/Brahman/Jehovah/Creator would give you the greatest security, no? Losing the fears of humankind & instead being at peace with 'whatever happens, happens' or...'things are as they should be'. This type of inner-security that surpasses all other securities can be non-religiously developed too with the scientific & methodical practice of meditation. Deep meditation, brings deep peace & contentment. The insecurities dissolve. This has even been proven in over 600 experiments by T.M. - Trancendental Meditation taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (the one the Beatles followed) in university & medical labs worldwide. The brainwaves are brought into deep Theta & Delta waves that produce many healing effects...one of them = SECURITY !

A final note on that for now is that "Change is the Only Thing Constant". Here in our short lifes we are seeing the Earth & countries change at an alarmingly rapid pace. We must flow with the change. A quote on that:

"One thing that psychologists are reasonably sure of about human nature is that it resists change. We like the world to be the way we think it is, even if we think its unpleasant. At least we can anticipate what may happen. Change and uncertainty have possibilities of unsettling things happening especially when that change doesn't take account of our desires, our wills, our egos." (Charles T. Tart)

Progress. So what is progress exactly? This progress us Westerners have been brought up to build. This material progress. Buildings, roads, cellphone towers & such. Is this progress? What could be the priorities of being a healthy planet & human society, regarding progress? Maybe some day we will look back on these ultra materialistic days & see that we created a dead end road. We were scrambling & rushing towards this progress only to build our own grave? I sure hope not. I do have hope that we can change things around...but its hard to imagine some days. But i do!
We could for one make the whole world greener on a massive scale! A GREEN REVOLUTION!
It looks as the Obama's new plan may make the US a leader in this direction, which really
makes me warm & fuzzy inside! I hope it works! What do you think progress is regarding your country, or your personal life?

The thing is...the striving for success makes us mad. Constantly uncontent & grasping for more, more more. Its how we were brought up. Not like the ages of before in some lands that valued spiritual wealth more than the material realms. Our spiritual wealth seems to have gone bankrupt as a global society. The Buddha revealed a gem in the 4 noble truths, to end desire. He did not mean to not have anymore goals, ambitions or desire at all. Just to let go of the desires that are causing you to suffer. He recommended the ever-logical 8-fold path as the "Soul-ution" which billions have followed. As far as i can see, it worked in the East as things have been very much less materialistic & deeply spiritual in these lands. Cultures like Thailand "The Land of Smiles" raised with 90% Buddhist population, makes you understand why they smile & a peaceful calm vibe is the norm. Cultures like India, where for 5000+ years the mystics, gurus, yogis, vedantic philosophers, saddhus & such were considered the highest SUCCESS....developed a country that has had 100's of saints & prophets & a population that is known as having huge hearts full of LOVE & DEVOTION to the DIVINE. This is why i like traveling. I do love alot of things about America still, and Canada! But...we must know that there are alternatives & understand things from a higher perspective than our culture brought us up with. Otherwise, i'm afraid we have been brainwashed & there is not much hope in change in the masses following the corporate leaders. Even with Obama & this new hope of rebounding & building a new America, will things really change on a large scale? What are you doing to "Be the Change You Want To See" (as Ghandi said) ? What is your idea of success personally? And success of human society?

As Ari, who co-owns Orion Healing Center (where i'm doing the 7 day detox colonics) said on his website :

"It's all about becoming balanced and in tune with yourself and becoming the Master of our own self. Be happy, follow your dreams and visions, live life fully. Listen to your own intuition. Many people are listening to everybody else and are conditioned by society (media, friends, family etc ...), they are not listening to their own self (intuition); they are not connecting with the source."

OK. enough. time to shut off the brain & think of NOTHING! it's about time!


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